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Family Wise. Panic Free.

Spears & Shelf, llp, is a full-service trusts and estates law firm, providing legal services and practical guidance for dealing with death and incapacity, whether they are far-off prospects, imminent concerns, or events that have already happened.  We strive to create an emotionally intelligent and family-wise approach to these matters, and guide you through the process in our signature panic-free way.

We help our clients address death and incapacity in a way that is family-wise and panic-free.

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We can help if you need ESTATE PLANNING, if you have received a TERMINAL DIAGNOSIS, or if you need advice and guidance in dealing with the INCAPACITY OR DEATH OF A LOVED ONE. Select the practice area to the right to learn more or get started.

Estate Planning is the legal process of preparing for death or incapacity.  This planning focuses on managing your finances when you cannot, planning for children and other dependents, making health care and end-of-life decisions, and addressing other needs related to personal care, family, and finances. 


If someone in your life has died or has become incapacitated, we will shepherd you through the process of handling their affairs.  TRUST ADMINISTRATION is the process of managing an estate held in Revocable Trust…


A serious medical diagnosis impacts so many areas of life, and each person’s experience is unique.  Creating an estate plan or updating an existing plan is often one of the first items on a to-do list…