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End-of-Life Doula

End-of-Life Doula Services

A death doula guides an individual and their loved ones through the dying process. Attorney Amy Shelf was trained as a death doula by Going with Grace, and is also recognized as proficient by the National End-of-life Doula Alliance (NELA). Amy’s services involve high-level planning related to legal and non-legal issues that arise at the end of life. She helps clients get a sense of the scope and nature of the personal work to be done in preparation for dying. Amy also provides guidance in creating a legacy letter or ethical will, and connects clients with her growing network of professional referrals for support with spiritual needs, logistical concerns about possessions, alternative burial and body disposition options, and natural death care and home funerals, among other needs.

You can reach Amy directly by emailing ashelf@spearsandshelf.com.

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