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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is the legal process of preparing for death or incapacity.  This planning focuses on managing your finances when you cannot, planning for children and other dependents, making health care and end-of-life decisions, and addressing other needs related to personal care, family, and finances.  We also advise on estate and gift tax planning, and tax-savvy ways of transferring assets.  When implementing these very tax-driven strategies, we always consider the non-tax needs of our clients and their families, and ensure that tax and non-tax goals work together.

The prospect of putting together an estate plan can be overwhelming, but our unique procrastination-proof process makes it manageable and accessible.  By doing this work, you’re saving your loved ones from avoidable expense and stress.  Whether you live in the San Francisco Bay Area or elsewhere in the state, or even if you are a California resident temporarily living in another state or country, we can help.  

If you are new to estate planning, we offer two flat-fee, procrastination-proof approaches to creating estate plans: a comprehensive REVOCABLE TRUST PORTFOLIO, which is appropriate for most people and families, and our PANIC-FREE ESTATE PLANNING WORKSHOPS, for people who need to get basic documents quickly.

If you have an existing estate plan, please contact us to learn more about REVISING AN EXISTING PLAN.  We like to understand your existing documents and your current wishes, and then develop a path forward based on that information.