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Revocable Trust Portfolio

A Revocable Trust Portfolio is a comprehensive estate plan that includes a Revocable Trust, Pour-over Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney, and Advance Health Care Directives, as well as other ancillary documents. In general, people who own real estate, have non-retirement assets worth more than $184,500, or have young beneficiaries will benefit from a Revocable Trust Portfolio.

Holding your assets in a Revocable Trust (also called a “Living Trust” – these are the same thing) during your lifetime allows your estate to avoid the expense and delay of the court-supervised process called “Probate.” This Probate Fee Schedule will help you determine the fees your estate will avoid by holding certain assets in a revocable trust. Click here to get started and to learn more about estate planning with a Revocable Trust Portfolio.

People with complicated or taxable estates may have additional concerns related to special business interests, unique real estate, philanthropic goals, and the desire to reduce gift and estate taxes through the use of tax exemptions, entity discounting, and the shifting of appreciation. These goals are often accomplished through a Revocable Trust, although we may also recommend and undertake more advanced estate planning techniques.  We always, however, begin by ensuring your fundamental Revocable Trust Portfolio is in place and that your personal goals are met. If you request our Estate Planning informational packet you will receive instructions for scheduling your initial appointment.