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Trust Administration

Although Revocable (“Living”) Trusts are designed to keep one’s assets out of probate, there is still some work to be done after someone passes away, and that work is called Trust Administration.

We represent Successor Trustees to ensure that they are following state and federal law, complying with the terms of the Trust itself, and handling all the details of a Trust Administration appropriately. For instance, we help Successor Trustees notify heirs and beneficiaries in accordance with legal deadlines, manage last expenses, keep proper records and provide accountings to those people who are entitled to them, obtain new taxpayer identification numbers, and distribute assets, among other things. We also provide resources to Successor Trustees, such as referrals to a qualified accountant to assist them in filing income and estate tax returns and preparing required accountings and reports for beneficiaries.

Click here if you need assistance administering a Trust after someone has died.

We also represent beneficiaries of a trust under administration if there are any questions about, or disputes regarding, the actions of the Trustee. Please contact us if you need counsel as a beneficiary of a trust.